You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a web developer wondering what you should learn in 2021 to advance your skillset or aren’t sure what techniques, tools, frameworks, language, and libraries to learn in order to become a web developer in 2021.

While the required skill set for web developers varies depending on the employer, you will undoubtedly encounter many of the essential talents on our list while looking for a web development job. So that you have a thorough grasp of this profession, we included both technical and soft abilities. Discover what you’ll need to succeed as a web developer by continuing to read.

  1. HTML/ CSS

Anyone serious about web development should study this first and foremost. It’s the oldest online technology, and it’s also the first one I learned a long time ago, but it’s still essential, and you can’t be a Web Developer without knowing HTML. It’s a markup language in technical terms, and it’s used to determine the structure of your page.

Nowadays, writing HTML to construct a web page is extremely uncommon. Instead, complex frameworks such as Angular and React are used to create the majority of the web pages you see. Even so, you’ll need to know basic HTML tags like div, span, title, headers, and so on if you want to comprehend, diagnose, and fix problems. whereas CSS is a language that enriches HTML code by regulating the appearance of a web page, hence the two languages are complementary.

  1. Web Optimization

The term “website optimization” refers to the process of enhancing the user experience on the websites or apps you create. Because an excellent user experience has the potential to convert, this is sought-after expertise. Removing unneeded CSS and JavaScript, boosting page speed, image optimization, and website responsiveness are all examples of website optimization.

Web optimization is a skill that front-end developers and full-stack developers should be concerned with, even if it is not a dealbreaker like the other technical abilities on our list.

  1. Chrome Developer Tools

Another vital tool for web developers, especially frontend devs, is this. For a long time, I relied on Internet Explorer’s View Page Source option to figure out what was going on with a specific web page; it’s an old story, but things have changed since Chrome swept the market in the previous decade.

Chrome is now used to browse about 70% of the Internet. Many web developers are unaware that Chrome contains an integrated debugging tool called Chrome Developer Tool. By right-clicking and selecting “Inspect,” you can get to this.

  1. Stay updated with the industries

The web development industry is dynamic and changing all the time. As a result, keeping up with the newest innovations and developing web technologies can be difficult. You should, however, go out of your way to do so. The industry moves at a breakneck speed, and no one can afford to fall behind.


New frameworks and technologies can not only help you be more productive at work, but they can also help you build a stronger resume. So, if your employment requires you to use the same tools and technologies every day, try branching out with your projects and doing some self-learning.

  1. Problem-solving abilities

Developers are in charge of not just writing code, but also of resolving issues that arise inside it. Both tasks necessitate problem-solving abilities.

Making a website or app run smoothly can appear to be a difficult endeavor when viewed in its totality. A smart programmer should be able to analyze and solve each problem on its own. If you want to work as a web developer, you should be interested in problem-solving or try to improve your problem-solving skills.

  1. Basic SEO awareness

Many clients prefer developers that understand the fundamentals of SEO. This is because a website with good SEO ranks higher in search results, bringing in more visitors. SEO is a valuable skill to have as a web developer because clients typically want to boost the number of visitors to their website.

  1. Managing time and prioritizing things

Working in web development can be a demanding and chaotic environment at times. The workload keeps piling up, and deadlines are looming. Time management is crucial for staying productive (and sane). Many of them still never invested time in learning how to manage their time and many developers struggle with this issue.

  1. Understanding User Interface

Any truly exceptional developer possesses a thorough awareness of not only the technical aspects of their business but also the design and customer-oriented aspects. To create excellent software and applications, you must first comprehend how your clients and customers will use the finished result. Sometimes web designers are also user interface designers, and their designs include usability on the end-user side while focusing solely on the appearance and feel of the web application. Understanding how the front-end design and user interface function for back-end code is the task of web developers.

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